Our Members come in all shapes and sizes.  All coming for different reasons, some to lose weight,  gain muscle mass, tone, become more flexible, injury recovery, or to lower their blood pressure or cholestorol.  Either way the end result is the same.  To increase their health and fitness, and to better their life.


And Remember...You don't have to be part of a T.V. program to lose weight and reach your goals.

       Here are some testimonials from our members themselves:


In Jan, 1996 I saw an ad for a new fitness club. I had tried a few places in town but couldn't find my comfort zone. I called to get the details and knew it was the place for me after speaking with you. You have been an amazing motivator and inspiration to me. I haven't lost all the weight I would like to but that's just a number. It's the way I feel when I am working out. I feel strong, energized and much happier. I love the challenges you give me. I have amazed myself so many times and what I thought was impossible became a reality with your support and mentoring.

The Simcoe Health and Fitness Centre is like my second home. You always inspire me - even when I feel like being lazy - you get me back to working out & challenging myself. Its been almost 14 years and I can't see myself not going to Simcoe Health and Fitness Centre. I am a life member.

Thank you Marcy and your staff for all your support over the years, you are the reason I keep coming.

Deb                                                              A valued member since 1996


I really started out at the gym because I wanted to get in shape for my 25th wedding anniversary. Today, I continue to work out because I know the health benefits involved with it and because I have come to know the morning gang and would miss them and the support they offer (just by being there) if I did not go at 6am. Besides, it has now become a habit. Even though I complain so much about the extra work outs, it has made a difference in my body shape. I can see the difference in the way my clothes fit.            Pat                          A valued member since 1996


I enjoy the atmosphere, staff , equipment and classes offered at Simcoe Health and Fitness and have been a member for over 10 years. It has provided me the path to healthier living and a better quality of life.

The Weight Loss Challenge has made me participate in classes and use equipment I have not done in awhile such as Yoga, Rowing, Cycling, free weights.

Marg                                                                    A valued member since 1998


I've gone through some ups and downs and one place I have always felt at home is the Simcoe Health and fitness centre. To me our health is so important to living a happy life. Last year when I was having problems with my shoulder and was more and more limited to what I could do, you where still there helping me limp along. Then after surgery helping with re-hab and more recently helping me re-find myself. I wouldn't have been able to walk into my Son's wedding with my head high if it had not been for the encouragement from everyone of your staff! The desk staff make my day when they say "you look nice to day", I'm sure they don't realize what it means but it helps put a smile on my face for the day. I still remember being asked one day if there was a phone booth upstairs, I said I don't think so just at the front door . Well the story was they thought there was a magic phone booth I went into after working out because how could I get ready so quickly!! I think at 50 I'm in the best shape I have ever been in, I know I did the work but you made it possible!                    Lisa Jo                          A valued member since 1998


Marcy, Nicole, Megan and Alex to name a few are always asking how I am doing, congratulating me on my achievements, and asking me about my next goals. I set small goals and aim to achieve them, this builds motivation, and does not lead to disappointment

Don't ever think I forgot about you Shawn, my personal trainer (and friend). When I started to work out with you I dreaded 5 minutes yet alone our 2 hour last chance workouts that we do now. I remember just trying to box a few minutes at a time, to try to do a squat, a push-up or even just getting down to the mat and standing up. That seems like ages ago. Today I no longer even think about doing those, they are all just natural to me. Every day we strive for new accomplishments and hit them, even through the fatigue, the soreness and the injuries you continue to find new ways to have me work-out and I love it. Remember, I have a dream.

I also want to thank all the members who always compliment me on my changes and how well I am doing, it always very much appreciated and encouraging.

         Richard                                                                            A valued member since 2007